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SCG-2000 Seamer Clearance Gauge

The SCG-2000 is an easy and accurate solution for setting up your seamer. The camera takes the guesswork out of setting up the seamer by automatically measuring the seamer clearance and thickness and comparing it to the setup specifications in real-time. By minimizing downtime, this is especially useful for setup during changeovers and for daily use to make adjustments as the seamer warms up. The Seamer Clearance Gauge helps to determine which roll needs to be adjusted should a seam problem come up.


The Clearance and Thickness Gauge not only quickly and accurately sets up the seamer and fixes issues, but also makes sure all seamer heads are running perfectly and are identical to each other.

The SCG-2000 is suitable for food & beverage fillers of all sizes. The gauge comes with all the software needed for measurement as well as databasing of images and a suite of reporting and SPC. The gauge connects directly to any PC via USB.


  • Specs loaded into data base for quick and easy seamer set up
  • Directs operators up/down to the specification
  • Used for both 1st and 2nd operation seaming rolls
  • Database allows for reports, images and head comparison which can be printed or save as PDF
  • Can be used for any size can (separate chuck fit required per diameter)
  • Detect worn or damage chucks and rolls
  • Plug and play with any Windows 10 laptop or tablet
  • Portrait and landscape mode available on tablet
  • Calibration piece included
  • New! System supports individual tracking of set up per head on multiple lines!


Detalles Técnicos

Energía Eléctrica Requerida: N/A
Salida: USB
Tamaño: Compatible with nearly all chuck/roll seamers
Resolución: 0.0002”-0.0004”
Hoja de Espf. de Producto: Descargar Hoja de Espf.


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